Tinroof expands.

Tinroof started as an indipendent film production company in the fall of 2001. Our ambition was to write scripts for movies and produce/direct films. But we allways had a goal – to let Tinroof be just that – a roof – beneath witch several rooms could get a space of their own. ”Rooms” where we could let our creativity flow without limits.

And here we are! Today Tinroof opens  its doors to the different ”rooms” Copy, Journalism and Film. And just like someone who has just moved in, the ”rooms” aren´t fully furnished yet. But  soon. And then there will be a house warming party in the true spirit of Tinroof!

Petra & Pernilla


8 svar till “Tinroof expands.

  1. Hej Tjejer,
    ser bra ut. Liten kommentar dock, jag hade hellre skrivit ; Petra Copywriter educated at…. istället för Educated Copywriter …..

  2. Underbart foto! ser man ut som ni två och drar igång ett sådant projekt, så kan man bara lyckas!
    All the best! Charlotte

  3. Snygg stajling Tjejer! Visste väl att ni hade det i er! 🙂

  4. Anna "Flo" Binkley

    Kul att det går bra för er+snygg bild. Lite Skurupiansk fast mer ”good taste”.


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