Tinroof started as an indipendent film company – Tinroof Productions – in 2003. Today Tinroof Productions is a part of Tinroof –  a growing communication company – based in Malmoe, Sweden.  Beneath our ”tin roof”, you will find different departments such as the copywriting department  Tinroof Copy, the film company Tinroof Production wich is run by the sisters Pernilla and Petra,  and the journalistic department Tinroof Journalism.

Tinroof can provide you with text in any shape or form. Copy for advertising, articles for newspapers and magazines, newsletters for your company and scripts for movies. Tinroof has a broad network and can also provide you with a project starting with a great idea to a finished product.

Pernilla J Elmquist

PERNILLA is an educated copywriter at Batteri Kommunikation (2009), journalism at Skurups Folkhögskola and Poppius (1990-1992) and as a screenwriter at The Hollywood Script Writing Institute  (2001-2003) As a copywriter, Pernilla get the chance to use unique ideas and life experience to come up with new and fresh ways to produce texts for advertising. As a journalist Pernilla has a long experience, writing for different kinds of press like ToppHälsa, Kattis, Laura, Hennes, Slitz, Kvällsposten, Skånska Dagbaldet m fl. As a screenwriter, Pernilla has written/directed and produce the short film Ester and is currently working on two feature scripts.

PETRA is an educated scriptwriter at RMI Berghs in Stockholm (1994) and has worked as a copywriter for radio (2000-2003) and as producer for different filmprojects (2003-present).

Tinroof Production

The foundation of Tinroof  Production is scriptwriting.  But as film makers we  also produce and direct short films, documentaries and feature films.  Our goal is to give our unique perspective of life to the world of Swedish film. Beneath our ”tin roof”, we develop ideas for the Swedish and the international film market. We also write scripts on commission.

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