Ester is at the swim hall. She´s standing tall by the pool, lifts her arms and dives in, but just as She breaks the surface, the underwater world transforms to a weightless paradise, where Ester dives, swirls and makes the most beautiful movements since Ester Williams.

Film festivals: These are a few of the film festivals, where Ester has been screened:


 Cracow Film Festival, Poland, FilmVideo 2005, Italy Capalbio Cinema, Italy Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival, Brazil LA Shorts, USA Nordisk Panorama – 5 Cities Film Festival, Norway, Nordic Filmdays Lübeck, Germany, International Short Film Festival München – Bunter Hund, Germany, Berlin International Short Film Festival – Interfilm Berlin, Germany, Brest European Short Film Festival, France, Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Germany

 2006: Tromsö International Film Festival, Norway, Cannes Film Festival, Tokyo Short shorts

 Swedish Filmfestivals: 2005  Goteborg Film Festival, Jonkoping Filmfestival, Uppsala Filmfestival,Umea Filmfestival, Lulea Filmfestival

Cinema: Ester was among other screenings, screened as a short film together with The Iron 5 by Kim Ki Duk i Sweden in 2005.

TV: Ester has been screened by the following TV channels 2006-2009: Swedish television (SVT), Canal+ Spanien, Canal+ France, Operadora Lucas Mexico, KUHT TV Huston, Cult Italien, Gauguins Japan, Sky Italien, Creative Network International, Movieola Canada.

Scripts in progress:

Anna Q


”In 1905 Anna Nilsson, a poor but strongheaded girl, emigrates to America  against her parents will, to persue a dream of becomming rich and beautiful. She succeeds beyond her wildest dreams, and becomes a pioneer in the American film industri. But the road to fame and fortune takes a devastating turn, when she has to make a decision that she´ll regret for the rest of her life.”

Based on a true story

”Anna Q” is based on the true story of Anna Q Nilsson, born in Ystad, Sweden in 1888. In the spring of 1905, when she was seventeen, she emigrated to America, and became a pioneer within the new born film industry in Hollywood. She is the first Swedish film star ever to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a role model and an inspiration to Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and Signe Hasso. Anna Q was known as a ”dare devil” who lived by the motto ”anything is possible”. She was brave and ambitious and broke many of the taboos for women in those days. She performed her own stunts, dressed in pants and smoked in public, but her career as one of Hollywood’s most sought after movie stars, ended when she was badly injured in a horse riding accident in 1928. She disappeared from the silver screen for many years and died in a hospital bed in Hemet, California in 1974, forgotten by the public.


Witchkraft – a shortcut to hell!

Johannes,a young, Christian, good hearted  cherub, hits the road on a reunion tour with his diseased mothers women´s rock band from the early eighties. But the middleaged members of the band are all suffering from a bad case of mid life crises, and the tour becomes a chaotic short cut to hell.

Bakom Flötet


” The Fishing company ”Bakom Flötet” arranges a fishing competition at  the beautiful river of  Mörrum. Experiensed fishermen attends the competition of the year to fight for the no one spot and all the glory. But when a rumour gets out that an old treasure is burried at the bottom of the river, the competition turns into a pure pirate get together, when fishermen and women from all over joines the competition, ready to find the hidden secret.


”Anything is possible (Man kan om man vill)”


”Two sisters set out to realize a dream of becoming film makers, when they discover a forgotten film star and starts a journey that will change their lives forever.”

Novellfilm 28 min.

Karin, en medelålders intellektuell tjej, studerar psykologi och drömmer om en välbehövlig semester. Hon är gift med Anders, som lägger all tid på sitt arbete och fotboll, och de har två barn, Alex och Fanny. Karin sliter sitt hår för att få tiden att räcka till och gör sitt bästa att vara en god dotter till sin krävande mamma och en god vän till sin självupptagna syster. Men en dag rinner bägaren över och Karin går in i väggen. Plötsligt befinner hon sig i en ”Bergmansk” värld, där livet rinner iväg till klockornas ihärdiga tickande. Hon inser att hon måste ta tid till sig själv för att inte för evigt fastna i en svartvit depression.

3 svar till “Film

  1. yvonne campbell

    Anna Q Nilsson was born Anna Bos. The first was her stage name and while it is true she was born in Sweden, her family was in fact Dutch. She was not raised in Sweden, the family was from Utrecht in Holland. The family had a summer house in Sweden and Anna (or Annie as she was known by the family) was born while the family was on holidays in Sweden. She was the daughter of one of the largest book printing families in Holland and had a sister and two brothers. While her father was Dutch, her mother was German. The history that she was a poor Swedish girl is a myth perpetrated by the film people of the day to hide the fact that she was Dutch/German, which was in those days, thought to be unpalatable by the movie going public. I would really like this corrected because I am Annie’s great niece. Her brother was my grandfather.

    • Dear Yvonne,

      I am sorry to say that your information about Annas background is not correct. During our research here in Sweden, we have her birthcertificate and know for a fact that she was born and rasied in Ystad/Hasslarp in Sweden. If you are related to Annas brother Assar, we can help you to get in touch with Annas family here in Sweden so that you can get the correct story about her past.

      All the best

  2. Hi, my grandfather was Swedish and said Anna Q was his Aunt. His name was Damar Manfred Oscar Zackrisson. Do you have the names of Anna’s parents please from her birth certificate as I am not it touch with the Swedish family at the moment and cannot find this information,
    and would like to know if this was true, thanks, Lisa.


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