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Anna Q and Dirty Flashfoot


Tonroof is currently working on two international scripts.

Anna Q
”A young girl emigrates to America in 1907 and becomes a pioneer in the American filmbusiness, but great sucess demands great sacrifieses.”

Inspired by the true story about the Swedish silent film actress Anna Q Nilsson, born in 1888 i ystad, Sweden. One year of research is done and a first draft is ready. There is also a short trailer about our work with the research and the scriptwriting.
We are looking for producer and director for the project. Part of the financing is ready and this story is too important not to tell.

Dirty Flashfoot
”Dirk Flachenback, a soul searching geek, moves to a town where the entire decade of the eighties is erased from history. When he meets the illegal and infamous eighties dancers, The Dance Club, he is chosen to do the leathel Big Jump at an underground dance competition and discovers his true identity.”

First draft is available. Looking for producer and director and we want to pitch this one to Ben Stiller and Red hour Film. Anyone….?

Write on!